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Ordering Information:

We recommend you take digital photos of the window.  Photograph the window straight on capturing the entire window.  Additionally, take photos of the sill and the jamb and anything else that is unique about the window.  These photos can be emailed to sales@adjustaview.com so our sales and engineering staff can understand your specific site conditions.

Helpful tips to follow when ordering the ADJUST-A-VIEW® :  

1. Measure the window sill and window jamb.

            •Half Circle Window Measurement Guide

            •Quarter Circle Window Measurement Guide

  • Your window frame depth measurement will need to be greater than 1-3/8". The sill depth measurement needs to be 2-1/2". If it is greater than 1-3/8" but less than 2-1/2" an Omega sill extender is required. If the sill is less than or equal to 1-3/8" or has no sill, you will need an Omega sill or install your own sill. Please note a window frame less than 2-1/2" will result in the track protruding into the room.
  • Another consideration when measuring are steps in the sill and/or jamb.  If steps are present, make sure there is 2" of depth available on the step.

2. Measure the window diameter and radius.

            •Half Circle Window Measurement Guide

            •Quarter Circle Window Measurement Guide

  • ADJUST-A-VIEW®  system can accommodate up to +/- 2" of "imperfectness" where the radius is either greater or less than half the diameter.

  • When measuring quarter circle windows we recommend an additional measurement be taken at 45°.  This (Z) measurement will identify any "flatness" in the window arch.  Any flatness identified will be taken into account when the ADJUST-A-VIEW®  system is custom manufactured for your order.

3. Determine cord loop length. 

  • We recommend the bottom of the cord loop length be 48" off the floor.  This allows for easy operation of the ADJUST-A-VIEW®  by an adult.  For special circumstances (for example the window is very low to the floor), please call (800) 874-9594 or email Omega at sales@adjustaview.com.      

4. Select track frame/center hub color.  

  • Note the track frame and the center hub are always the same color.

  • Please go to colors to view options.

5. Select cellular shade fabric.

  • Select: Manufacturer, Collection, and Style.
  • The ADJUST-A-VIEW®  system is available with fabrics from Hunter Douglas, Graber, Comfortex, Kirsch, and Omega Polaris.  For a complete listing of all manufacturer's collections and styles please see: ADJUST-A-VIEW® Cellular Shade Offering.  

6. Select all necessary/desired options.

  • Sill: used on a window that does not have a sill like a bullet window, or a sill that is less than or equal to 1-3/8".  Go to Optional Sill to view a photo.

  • Sill Extender: used where a sill is greater than 1-3/8" but less than 2-1/2".  Go to Sill Extender to view a photo.  
  • Motorization: half circle and quarter circle windows are available with optional motorization.  Please go to Motorization Detail Information to learn more. 

7. Complete order form.

  • Go to Dealer Order Form to view/download the form.

  • Complete form and fax (920) 794-7418 to Omega.    

8. Contact Omega for assistance.

  • Feel free to contact Omega at any point: from initial contact through installation.  Our sales and engineering staff are ready and willing to help in any way we can.
  • REMEMBER TO TAKE PHOTOS (They are worth a bunch more than words!)
  • Phone: (800) 874-9594 
  • Email: sales@adjustaview.com   


You know you have the need.............

Visit our gallery to see installed examples of these wonderful arched window treatments.  To learn more about these innovative arch window treatment solutions see:


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Moveable Arch Window Treatment.....another great, patent pending idea from Omega!

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