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ADJUST-A-VIEW Moveable Arches by Omega

Finally......Moveable Arched Window Treatments for Half & Quarter Circle Windows!!

You know you have the need.............


            FIXED SUNBURST                                  ADJUST-A-VIEW®                                       SHUTTER

You have looked at the alternatives:

Do nothing:
    No thanks, please see needs above.
Use fixed arch sunburst:    No thanks, did we mention it is a window and we would like to see out?
Use a shutter:    No thanks, too cumbersome.....blocks too much of the view.
Use ADJUST-A-VIEW®:    YES! You get it all.......easiest to use, full view when open, full range of adjustment, keeps heat and cold out, UV protection and more! 
Completely unobstructed view in the open position.


                                                         FIXED SUNBURST                           ADJUST-A-VIEW®                                    SHUTTER


You have looked at pricing:

Do nothing:    Can’t beat the price, can’t beat the problems either.
Fixed arch sunburst:    Cheap, but you get what you pay for and with this solution..... you get to say “goodbye” to ever seeing out your window!
Shutter:    More cost, but, with effort, you can have a bit of your window back.
ADJUST-A-VIEW®:    Costs less than a shutter but is a far better value, you get a great
window treatment AND full use of your window!



             FIXED SUNBURST                        ADJUST-A-VIEW®                               SHUTTER


You’ve studied the alternatives and you are fully informed....... now it is time to buy: 


Omega utilizes a nationwide network of dealers.  Our dealers have been qualified to carry the ADJUST-A-VIEW® product line.  To fully serve you, the consumer, our dealers offer interior design services as well as complete installation capabilities.   Our dealers are supported by "The Omega Team" whose mission is to provide service that exceeds expectations. 

If Omega does not have a dealer in your area we suggest you contact your local window treatment retailer and have them contact us regarding the ADJUST-A-VIEW® system.  We will gladly work with them to meet your needs.

If Omega does not have a dealer in your area, and you can not locate a dealer who will work with you, contact Omega and we will help you locate a dealer. 

To learn more, please go to Locate A Dealer.


(800) 874-9594      sales@adjustaview.com      


Visit our gallery to see installed examples of these wonderful arched window treatments.  To learn more about these innovative arch window treatment solutions see:


Half Circle Moveable Arch Window Treatment   

Quarter Circle Moveable Arch Window Treatment



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Moveable Arched Window Treatments.....another great, patent pending idea from Omega!

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