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Installed ADJUST-A-VIEW® products.

Click the photos to enjoy a larger view.


Photo 1

A beautiful summer day and an outside view of the ADJUST-A-VIEW® partially open.

Photo 2

ADJUST-A-VIEW® shown in a renovation project.  Click here to see more photos of this project which included twenty eight units of 115" diameter and six units of 96" diameter.

Photo 3


Finishing touches are being completed on mammoth ADJUST-A-VIEW® treatments.  Located in a banquet hall, the motorized quarter circle units are approximately 80" X 80".

Photo 4

ADJUST-A-VIEW® with complementary valance.

Photo 5

SOFT ARCHESare the new fabric shades offering.  Go to SOFT ARCHES to learn more.

Photo 6

Shades adjust independently to any position.

Photo 7

ADJUST-A-VIEW® shown with drapery swag.

Photo 8


ADJUST-A-VIEW® shown on quarter circle windows above patio doors.

Photo 9

ADJUST-A-VIEW® helps protect fine furnishings.

Photo 10

ADJUST-A-VIEW® available with Hunter Douglas, Graber, Comfortex, Kirsch and Omega-Polaris shades.

Photo 11

ADJUST-A-VIEW® shown closed in the elegant Merion Cricket Club.  In the closed position the light problem is fully managed.

Photo 12

ADJUST-A-VIEW® shown partially open in the Merion Cricket Club.  When desired the ADJUST-A-VIEW® will allow a bit of light to be added to the environment .

Photo 13

ADJUST-A-VIEW® shown fully open in the Merion Cricket Club.  The intense light problem is evident.

Photo 14

Exterior photo of the ADJUST-A-VIEW® shown closed in the distinguished Merion Cricket Club.

Photo 15

ADJUST-A-VIEW® shown with complementary blinds.

Photo 16


ADJUST-A-VIEW® does not block any view when fully open.

Photo 17

ADJUST-A-VIEW® is available for half circle windows (24" to 144" diameter) and quarter circle windows (12" to 72" radius).

Photo 18

ADJUST-A-VIEW® shown integrated with drapes, cornice, and a striking swag.

 Photo 19


ADJUST-A-VIEW® face mounted to the wall to accommodate unique window shape.  The window has a diameter of 94" and a radius of only 34".  The ADJUST-A-VIEW® system (109" diameter X 54.5" radius) was positioned "outside" the window and mounted to the wall.  To learn more about this project go to Tough Window Treatment Problem.....Finally Conquered

Photo 20


ADJUST-A-VIEW® before and after photos.

Photo 21

ADJUST-A-VIEW® solves another difficult treatment problem.

Photo 22

Lots of light when shades are fully open.

Photo 23


Heat, cold, glare and UV completely under control with shades fully closed.

Photo 24

These large (106" diameter) arched windows will no longer create cold drafts in winter.


Photo 25

Moveable arched window treatments for quarter circle windows.

Photo 26

Available in light filtering and room darkening shades.

Photo 27

ADJUST-A-VIEW® shades match lower shades.

Photo 28

Moveable arched window treatments complement décor.  Click here to see more photos of this attractive window.

Photo 29

Multiple arches in a dinning area - closed.

Photo 30

Multiple arches in a dinning area - opened.

Photo 31

Multiple arches from outside - closed.

Photo 32

Low profile does not restrict view.

Photo 33

Shades independently adjust to any position.

Photo 34

Nice external appearance.

Photo 35

Light, heat, UV, privacy....ADJUST-A-VIEW® is the solution.

Photo 36

ADJUST-A-VIEW® with Omega provided sill.  Lower shades mounted on bottom of sill.

Photo 37

ADJUST-A-VIEW® in closed position.

Photo 38

Total unrestricted view.

Photo 39

ADJUST-A-VIEW®  pictured directly above, as viewed from the outside.

Photo 40

ADJUST-A-VIEW®  is available in four different track colors.

Photo 41

ADJUST-A-VIEW® used with blinds. 

Photo 42

Clean appearance when closed and viewed from outside.    

Photo 43

Clean appearance when open and viewed from outside.

Photo 44

Totally opened to totally closed, you choose the view.

Photo 45

Protects your inner home but allows you the ability to view the beauty of the outdoors.

Photo 46

ADJUST-A-VIEW® partially open allowing the view of Pugent Sound from a historic government building.

Photo 47

A practical and attractive use of the ADJUST-A-VIEW® in a university setting.

Photo 48

ADJUST-A-VIEW® shown after installation, as a window treatment with clean lines and a very elegant look that is completely operable.

Photo 49

Open the ADJUST-A-VIEW® for an unobstructed view but close when needed.

Photo 50

Mix and match with other window treatments.

Photo 51

Another solution like many, many others.

Photo 52

Great looks on quarter circle windows too!

Photo 53

The ADJUST-A-VIEW® is also a beautiful solution for commercial businesses like CP Burger in Aspen, Co.

You know you have the need...


To learn more about these innovative arch window treatment solutions see:


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Moveable Arched Window Treatments.....another great, patent pending idea from Omega!

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