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Shade Fabric Shown:

Pattern: Fire

Color: Tussah



Shown with optional horizontal and curved valances.





SOFT ARCHES™ is a brand new concept for treating arched windows.  Omega has developed a unique design that allows you to use your favorite fabrics to create exquisite drapery treatments.....AND they are moveable!  Like the original ADJUST-A-VIEW®, which utilizes cellular shade material, the drapery treatments can be fully opened, fully closed or any place in-between.  The patent pending track mechanism guides the fabric drapes as they fan to the closed position, providing all the comforts you desire.


Until SOFT ARCHES™, your interior designer may have said, "What a beautiful view through your  lovely arched windows, I suggest you leave them just as they are."  Your designer most likely did not have an acceptable alternative.  If the view was important, and you wanted a fabric treatment, something had to give.  You needed to choose one over the other.  Now, with SOFT ARCHES™, you can have beautiful drapery shades AND still have the full view through your lovely arched windows........the BEST of both worlds!   


The interior design community is very excited about the possibilities of extending their creativity throughout the environment, including the arched windows.  SOFT ARCHES™ is available with an extensive offering of fabrics intended to cover a vast array of designs from formal to casual, traditional to contemporary.  We will have just the right fabric for your residential, commercial, governmental, or historical setting.





Shade Fabric Shown:

Pattern: Fire

Color: Iris


Shown with optional horizontal valance.





Omega's workroom has a reputation for high quality, detail work and outstanding customer service.  To view fabric samples please go to: Fabric Collections.  For fabric specifications please go to: Fabric Specifications.  

The major categories of fabrics we offer include:

• Silk

• Polyester

• Polyester  (Faux Satin)

• Polyester  (Faux Suede)   

• Flame Retardant Polyester

• Blends

    • Cotton/Polyester

      • Polyester/Rayon

      • Viscose/Polyester/Cotton

      • Polyester/Polyamide

      • Combed Cotton/Polyester

      • Polyester/Viscose

      • Rayon/Polyester

      • Polyester/Nylon


The drapery shades are sewn using a "tuck-sew" construction.  Once we have the measurements of your window, along with the fabric pattern and color, we will custom build your track mechanism and drapery shades specifically for your window.  Please note that we will not match any pattern repeats. 


Front/Back         Backside Tuck       Connector         Tuck Dowel         Backside Liner

• The "tuck-sew" construction has the pleated fabric on the "show"  side and ROC-LON® Sonata liner material with tucks on the backside.

• Connectors are sewn into fabric shades.  Connectors are inserted into the ADJUST-A-VIEW® track mechanism and carry the shades as they open and close.

• Depending on the shade size and fabric selected, dowels may be inserted into the tucks to provide structure to the fabric shades.  The dowels are invisible when viewing the shades from the fabric side or the liner side.

• All drapery shades have ROC-LON® Sonata liner material on the "street-side" of the shades.


While our offering of fabrics is extensive, we realize it will not meet the needs of every setting.  To provide the absolute best service to our customers we are also offering a Customer's Own Material program.  Your fabric can be used in the SOFT ARCHES™ as long as it meets our work room specifications.  Please note that we will not match any pattern repeats and need a sample swatch of customer's material.


Omega utilizes a nationwide network of dealers.  Our dealers have been qualified to carry the ADJUST-A-VIEW® product line.  To fully serve you, the consumer, our dealers offer interior design services as well as complete installation capabilities.   Our dealers are supported by "The Omega Team" whose mission is to provide service that exceeds expectations. 

If Omega does not have a dealer in your area we suggest you contact your local window treatment retailer and have them contact us regarding the ADJUST-A-VIEW® system.  We will gladly work with them to meet your needs.

If Omega does not have a dealer in your area, and you can not locate a dealer who will work with you, contact Omega and we will help you locate a dealer. 

To learn more, please go to Locate A Dealer.

You know you have the need.............

Visit our gallery to see installed examples of these wonderful arched window treatments.  To learn more about these innovative arch window treatment solutions see:

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Moveable Arch Window Treatment.....another great, patent pending idea from Omega!

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