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Beaded Pull Cord - the beaded pull cord is used to open and close the shades.  The beaded pull cord comes out of the shade guide arm and "loops" back returning to the guide arm.  This continuous loop allows for smooth, easy operation of the shades.  The bottom of the loop (towards the floor) should be approximately 48" from the floor and fastened in place with the cord loop tension bracket.  Go to Beaded Pull Cord to view a photo.

Bullet Window - some windows have a half circle top and straight "legs" on both sides.  These are are known as "bullet", "full radius with standing arch", "half round with legs", and other names.

Center Hub - located in the center of the sill the center hub positions and holds the inner ends of the shades.  It is held in place by the center hub key.  Go to Center Hub to view a photo.

Center Hub Key - screwed to the center of the sill it holds the center hub in place.

Closed Loop System - the beaded pull cord makes one continuous loop through the mechanism, out of the cord guide arm, down towards the floor, back up into the guide arm and connecting again within the mechanism.

Cord Guide Arm - beaded pull cord loop comes out, loops down, and returns into the cord guide arm.  Go to Cord Guide Arm to view a photo. 

Cord Loop Tension Bracket - used to hold the cord loop in position.  The bottom of the cord loop (towards the floor) should be approximately 48" from the floor.  Go to Cord Tension Bracket to view a photo.

Diameter - width of the window at the sill.

Drapery Shades - shades made from a variety of fabrics offered by Omega.  To learn more go to: SOFT ARCHES™. 

Jamb - the curved window frame.

Perfect Arch - when the window radius (height) is equal to 1/2 the window diameter (width).

Radius - distance from the center of the sill straight up to the center of the jamb.

Shades - cellular shades from various leading manufactures.  See ADJUST-A-VIEW® Cellular Shade Offering for more details.

Sill - the main horizontal bottom of the window.  When the window does not have Omega offers an optional sill. Go to Optional Sill to view a photo.  Please note: when hanging shades under the sill allow 1/4" for the sill brackets.

Sill Extender - mounts to existing sill.  Increases the sill depth to allow for adequate space to mount the ADJUST-A-VIEW® shades and center hub.  Go to Optional Sill Extender to view a photo.

SOFT ARCHES - drapery window treatments.  A new product by Omega used in place of cellular shades.  To learn more go to: SOFT ARCHES™. 

Step - occur on the sill and jamb.  Added as a design feature there can be one step or multiple steps that raise higher as they approach the window glass.  Typically a window will have a step on both the sill and the jamb but at times it will be present on only the sill or only the jamb.  Go to Step to view a photo.

Track - high strength white plastic track guides shade carriers and beaded cord.  Go toTrack to view a photo.

Track Frame - aluminum track frame that mounts in the jamb of the window.  Track frame provides structure, houses the track, and captures the shade.  Go to Track Frame to view a photo.  Track is available in four colors.  Go to Colors to view the offering.

UV - ultraviolet light from sunlight.                                               

You know you have the need.............

Visit our gallery to see installed examples of these wonderful arched window treatments.  To learn more about these innovative arch window treatment solutions see:


Half Circle Moveable Arch Window Treatment   

Quarter Circle Moveable Arch Window Treatment



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Moveable Arch Window Treatment.....another great, patent pending idea from Omega!

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