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Frequently Asked Questions:

The ADJUST-A-VIEW® system is an innovative, new product concept.  There is nothing in the marketplace that directly compares with it.  To help you better understand the product, and how it works, we have listed questions that others have asked.  It is our hope that your questions will also be answered, but if you have other questions or require additional information please contact us.

What types of windows will work with the ADJUST-A-VIEW® system?

The ADJUST-A-VIEW® system is designed for half circle and quarter circle windows.

Does my window need to be a "perfect" arch?

No, perfect arches are not too common.  Typically, arched windows are constructed in a manner where the sill is built up into the window area.  The result is the radius is less than half the diameter and no longer "perfect". ADJUST-A-VIEW® system will allow for up to 2" of short radius and up to 2" of long radius.  Long radius occurs when there are "legs" on the arch.

How does the ADJUST-A-VIEW® compare to other arched window treatments?

ADJUST-A-VIEW® system is completely different than any other arched window treatment solution.  The ADJUST-A-VIEW® system allows one to choose as much light, privacy or view as they want…………when they want it by adjusting either shade to: open, closed or any position in-between.  Completely unobstructed view in the open position.  To learn more about the various arched window treatments available please go to Features & Benefits Comparisons.  Check out News to learn what the industry experts are saying about ADJUST-A-VIEW®.

Will the sun affect theADJUST-A-VIEW® system?

The ADJUST-A-VIEW® system has been engineered to work properly in the heat, cold and UV intense environment of your window.  The high strength aluminum track is impervious to these elements.  Many products rely on injection molded plastics which typically degrade rapidly in the intense UV.

How does the ADJUST-A-VIEW® system work?

The ADJUST-A-VIEW® system is comprised of two shades (one shade for a quarter circle) and a track mechanism.  The track mechanism is installed into the window jamb.  The shades are placed on the sill.  The left end of the left shade is attached to the mechanism.  The right end of the right shade is attached to the mechanism.  There are beaded cords located at both ends of the mechanism.  To move the left shade one pulls the left beaded cord until the shade reaches the desired location.  The right beaded cord moves the right shade.  The shades operate independently allowing either shade to be positioned fully opened, fully closed or any location in-between. 


SOFT ARCHES™ is a brand new concept for treating arched windows.  Omega has developed an unique design that allows you to use your favorite fabrics to create exquisite drapery treatments.....AND they are moveable!  Like the original ADJUST-A-VIEW®, which utilizes cellular shade material, the drapery treatments can be fully open, fully closed or any place in-between.  The patent pending track mechanism guides the fabric drapes as they fan to the closed position, providing all the comforts you desire.  To learn more go to SOFT ARCHES™.

Is power available?

Yes, optional motorization is now available.  Omega has partnered with Techniku® for the system controller.  Techniku® is a world leader in window treatment automation technologyWith motorization the shades operate independently, just like the manual version, so you can choose the exact position of each shade.  To learn more, please go to Motorization.

Does the track come in different colors?

The ADJUST-A-VIEW® system has four track frame colors available.  The colors range from white to a dark brown.  Both the track frame and center hub are painted in the selected color.  Please go to Colors to view the color options.

What shade materials are available?

The ADJUST-A-VIEW® system utilizes light filtering and room darkening cellular shades from all the major manufacturers including: Hunter Douglas, Graber, Comfortex, Kirsch, and Omega Polaris.  For a complete listing of all shades please go to ADJUST-A-VIEW® Cellular Shade Offering

Additionally, Omega now offers SOFT ARCHESdrapery shades.  To learn more go toSOFT ARCHES™.

What window size range is offered?

The ADJUST-A-VIEW® system is available for half circle arched windows from 24" to 144" diameter and for quarter circle arched windows from 12" to 72" radius.  Larger sizes may be possible, consult with the factory.

How does the price of the ADJUST-A-VIEW® system compare to other arched window treatments?

Direct price comparisons are difficult because there is nothing like the  ADJUST-A-VIEW® system.  Considering the ADJUST-A-VIEW® system is fully functional (shades can be fully open, fully closed or any position in-between) and allows for full, unrestricted view, it is priced very competitively.  It is less expensive than custom built wooden shutters.

Can I buy the ADJUST-A-VIEW® system direct and install it myself?

Omega utilizes a nationwide network of dealers.  Our dealers have been qualified to carry the ADJUST-A-VIEW® product line.  To fully serve you, the consumer, our dealers offer interior design services as well as complete installation capabilities.   Our dealers are supported by "The Omega Team" whose mission is to provide service that exceeds expectations. 

If Omega does not have a dealer in your area we suggest you contact your local window treatment retailer and have them contact us regarding the ADJUST-A-VIEW® system.  We will gladly work with them to meet your needs.

If Omega does not have a dealer in your area, and you can not locate a dealer who will work with you, contact Omega and we will help you locate a dealer. 

To learn more, please go to Locate A Dealer.

What if we want to change the shades at a later date?

The ADJUST-A-VIEW® system is designed for easy shade removal and/or replacement.  The shades can be removed for cleaning or replacement in a matter of minutes.  Installing new shades is just as easy.  Replacement shades are available through your local dealer.  

Are the looped beaded cords very noticeable?

Most people do not even notice the cords.  Many people have windows below their arched window and these typically have treatments that conceal the cords.    

What if I want to clean my window?

The system is designed to allow the shades to be removed in seconds.  The system also allows room for the grill (mullion), should your window have one, to be removed.  Quickly and easily you will have complete access to clean the window.

Do I need a minimum depth to my window frame (jamb) and window sill?

Yes, your window frame depth measurement will need to be greater than 1-3/8". The sill depth measurement needs to be 2-1/2". If it is greater than 1-3/8" but less than 2-1/2" an Omega sill extender is required. If sill is less than or equal to 1-3/8" or has no sill, you will need an Omega sill or install your own sill. Please note a window frame less than 2-1/2" will result in the rack protruding into the room.

You know you have the need.............


Visit our gallery to see installed examples of these wonderful arched window treatments.  To learn more about these innovative arch window treatment solutions see:


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Frequently Asked Questions

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Moveable Arched Window Treatments.....another great, patent pending idea from Omega!

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